Amanda C. Russell

I work with many freelance writers, and Amanda was one of the writers I “inherited” when I started with Ghergich (now Brado) over four years ago. She and I have worked together on many business and business-adjacent articles for different clients, and while a number of writers have come and gone over the years (for a variety of reasons), Amanda and I continue to work together. She is smart, excited to learn, and a joy to work with. I can count on Amanda to respond to emails quickly and honestly; when I ask if she has the time to take on an article with a fast turnaround, I trust her when she says yes. I can also trust her when she takes a different tack with a piece. She once turned in an article and warned me that she’d gone a slightly different route with it than we’d originally discussed, and offered to rework it if necessary. I decided to go with her original version, and the client’s feedback proved that she knew what she was doing — they were thrilled. It’s been a pleasure working with Amanda for the past four-plus years. I look forward to the next four!

Amanda C. Russell
Ghergich & Co.

Miami SEO Company

Amanda has a ton of hands on experience and knowledge when it comes to digital marketing. She is very proactive, charismatic and eager to help you whenever an opportunity presents itself. I’ve relied on her to produce high quality blog posts that can keep my audience engaged and she has done a fantastic job at that. I’m now able to focus more on growing my businesses and not spend so much time on blogging which is critical for SEO. I am very grateful to have connected with her and I highly recommend her to anyone who considers working with her.

Sergio Aicardi, Principal Owner
Miami SEO Company

Partner & CMO

Amanda is a talented writer with the rare skill to identify useful content and deliver it in a simple, easy to consume style. Every article she has submitted to the Get Busy Media blog is extremely well written and researched, and she seems to have a wealth of information on a large variety of topics. Amanda has just scratched the surface of her talents, and I would high recommend her to anyone in need of quality writing.

Stephen Murphy
Red Bamboo Marketing

Entrepreneur / Writer

Amanda was great to work with because she always responded to my emails or IM’s so quickly, and with the right answers every time. I pride myself in quick communication, so it was really nice to be able to work with someone who also prized that ability.

Adam Torkildson

Managing Partner at HigherVisibility

I’ve managed Amanda for close to three years now. In those three years, I’ve seen her not only excel at the core elements of her job — like copywriting and copyediting — but also learn other tasks that extend well beyond the scope of her role. She is going to be an asset anywhere she goes.

Adam Heitzman, Managing Partner
Higher Visibility

John Rampton, Entrepreneur

I had the chance to interview Amanda about SEO for SearchEngineJournal. She was someone that just got it. She is an expert at everything SEO, content, etc. Someone that I can turn to with ideas and topics and she’ll come back with even better ideas.

John Rampton

Executive Editor at Search Engine Journal

Amanda is a very gifted writer and a great person to work with. As a contributor to Search Engine Journal, she’s done a great job with writing posts that fit perfectly with what our audience is looking for.

Kelsey Jones, Executive Editor
Search Engine Journal